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Welcome to the Lieumann Firm - Your Resource for Development & Growth


Notable Projects



  Shell Building Design
  Dumfries, Virginia

  Partnering with the local jurisdiction,
  the developer offers a Class A, 45,000
  sf mixed-use building complex that
  upgrades the main development
  corridor on Main Street to adopted
  planning standards and supports the
  Town’s long-term objectives.

  The concept provides a high-end
  commercial development, supporting
  the Town’s vision of positive




 Feasibilty Study
 College Park, Maryland

 The Feasibility Study defined the
 programmatic needs of the Client for their
 existing facility and resulted in masterplan
 recommendations that identifies sitewide
 improvements, County requirements
 and a project-scoped development

 Specific recommendations included an
 8,000 square foot, two story multipurpose
 building designed to be phased
 into the complex with associated site


 Feasibilty Study
 Silver Spring, Maryland

 The Feasibility Study defined the  programmatic needs of the Client for a new facility and resulted in master-plan recommendations that identifies site-wide improvements, County requirements
and a project-scoped development

Specific recommendations included about
20,000 sf defined in three components: a
multi-purpose building, an educational wing,
and a temple; designed to be built in phases with associated site improvements and expansion capabilities around an open


 Feasibilty Study
 Woodbridge, Virginia

 The Feasibility Study defined the
 programmatic needs of the Client for a new
 facility located on a 4 acre parcel re-zoned
 from agricultural use to Industrial use.

 Final zoning approval allowed for specific
 recommendations including a 45,000+
 square foot, two story with basement
 Emergency Apparatus dealership with
 surface parking and site improvements.

 The facility was designed to accommodate
 apparatus and fire equipment sales, body
 repairs, fire extinguisher sales & service,
 maintenance contracts, and breathing
 apparatus service.


 Feasibilty Study
 Lake Ridge, Virginia

 Originally designed in 1980’s as a
 period, heavy timber-framed
 restaurant with three distinct main
 levels and a modified mezzanine,
 the commercial space was reviewed
 for codes compliance and handicapped
 accessibility for conversion into
 a niche banquet hall.

 Proposed improvements identified
 functional upgrades as well as
 addressing building code and life
 safety issues.


 Shell Building Design
 Washington, D.C.

 Reclamation of an abandoned 1-story
 10,000 sf warehouse in a designated HUB
 Zone for conversion to a 2-story 20,000 sf
 office with commercial lease space.
 Design involved development of multiple
 core schemes to maximize leasable space
 and minimize development costs; including
 the building core layout and an Owneroccupied
 office suite on the second floor. 
 Renovation involved a Change-in-Use,
 complete replacement of electrical
 systems, HVAC, plumbing, roof, doors/
 windows, elevator, and re-design of the
 exterior street façades.


  Shell Building/ Tenant Design
  Dumfries, Virginia

  Under the umbrella of Daffan
  Construction as a Design/ Build
  project, the building consisted of 4,500
  sf of commercial space; with 3,000 sf
  dedicated to the Dental practice of Mr.
  King, DDS.

  A sister building is being constructed
  on the adjacent parcel.


  Foyer Addition/ Building Renovation
  Fairfax, Virginia

  The addition resolves growth issues
  for the church and provides the desired
  room for an articulated entry lobby and
  improved circulation.

  Improvements include an 8 ft wide
  communicating stairway, a Welcoming
  Office, clothing storage area, wet area, and
  a defined connection with the

  Multi-Purpose Room.

  Tight scheduling and alternate circulation
  routes minimize “downtime” during
  construction. Matching hand-chiseled
  brick was also located for the exterior
  brick veneer.


  Tenant Design
  Silver Spring, Maryland

  Located in Downtown Silver
  Spring, a print shop is converting
  a portion of the storefront area to
  a Bookstore and Café.

  Particular emphasis is placed on
  phased improvements that will
  allow ease of growth, and the use
  of ‘green’ materials for LEED

  Ultimately, the facility will be
  made available for speaking
  engagements, signings,
  mediation and holistic healing
  seminars and in-kind gatherings.


  DOD Tenant Design
  Dumfries, Virginia

  A 10,000 square foot tenant
  space was defined to address
  programmatic needs of two
  divisions of the same company.

  Functions addressed separate
  facilities utilizing shared areas:
  controlled lobby and waiting
  area, executive and
  management offices, library,
  multiple conference rooms,
  ‘war’ room, open work stations,
  central printer areas, lounges,
  file storage and ancillary
  support functions.


  Town Center 500 Acre
  Illustrative Master Plan
  Ghana, Africa

  Mixed Use Development located
  between two major cities, includes:
  1,300 Dwelling Units
  2,000,000 sf Office Space
  60,0000 sf Retail/ Festive Market
  4 Hotel Sites (1000 Rooms)
  200,000 sf Conference Facility
  Resort/ Golf Course
  Public Amphitheatre
  Community/ Health Center
  Light Rail Transit System
  Structured Parking
  Inter-Connected Parkland
  Industrial Parcel Set-Aside